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2018 Brussels.

Video produced by Séverine A. Berthelot, sponsor of the exhibition  organized by Bers Grandsinge.

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I had the privilege of meeting the artist and appreciating his works, which I admit are luminous and carry a personalized message. To discover and admire. (Google, reviews)

I am not a fan of modern art. I went to see this exhibition on the advice of a friend. However, what Kéo Merlier's paintings express goes well beyond appearance. I found myself strolling for two hours in front of these magnificent paintings. The language of the soul is universal and during all this time, I have never been alone..... To my great surprise the paintings spoke to me.... Really a big BRAVO from a layman who was totally conquered by your works. Thank you Madam for your work and your messages or feelings that you know how to transcribe so well on your canvases. I wish you a beautiful road, which will necessarily be integrated into the landscape that will suit you, I am sure! bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Marc CHACON (Google, reviews)

It is a magnificent exhibition of a great artist that we had the privilege of visiting in St Chamas. These works and the words that accompany them are rich in meaning and illuminate our minds and our hearts. We never tire of admiring them, of immersing ourselves in them.. we traveled 900km to see his works, a lot of emotions came out of it. 

Mireille Rossell (Google, reviews)

Un'esposizione fantastica di un'artista che ama il colore e le emozioni. Ogni tela vuole trasmettere un messaggio. Lo fa a partire da una storia, un testo che serve da ispirazione, e ci riesce tramite le immagini. Entrando nella sala dell'esposizione si trova un'atmosfera calmed che aiuta ad immergersi nell'esperienza, e quando si esce ci si ritrova più felici. Assolutamente raccomandato! Giovanni Rabuffo (Google, reviews)

(Avis d'origine) A fantastic exhibition by an artist who loves color and emotions. Each canvas wants to convey a message. He does it from a story, from a text that serves as his inspiration, and he succeeds through images. Upon entering the exhibition hall, you will find a calm atmosphere that helps you immerse yourself in the experience, and when you leave, you will find yourself happier. Absolutely recommended!

Keo's creations are mesmerizing to say the least. Keo channels art from a most fertile soul onto a blank canvass. Kéo brings meaning to and celebrates the mystery of life through the deepest of senses. Keo's artwork is a mirror which draws the onlooker in an amazing experience: that of reveling in the unknown and hidden part of themselves. The harmonious combination of colors is pure ecstasy. The Artist is a class of his own. Awesomeness. Thanks Keo!

Abel Klade (Google, reviews)

(Translated by Google) Kéo's creations are fascinating to say the least. Kéo channels the art of a most fertile soul onto a blank canvas. Kéo gives meaning and celebrates the mystery of life in the depths of the senses. Kéo's work is a mirror that draws the spectator into an astonishing experience: that of delighting in the unknown and hidden part of himself. The harmonious combination of colors is pure ecstasy. The artist is a class apart. Impressive. Thanks Keo!

It is definitely in the Aix region that we discover the best of the lyrical abstract! Zao-Wou-Ki, the great master of this pictorial art in the spotlight at the Hôtel de Caumont in St-Chamas that you have to go where a more discreet exhibition of 42 paintings by Kéo Merlier-Haïm lifts the veil on what tomorrow will be, the lyrical abstract. After having assimilated the essentials of the mastery of light of the great master, his disciple introduces a new element: movement. For example, the canvas mischievously titled "A Droite en sortie du Bocal" is in motion over its entire surface, sometimes vertical, horizontal or submersive. Technical question, when you look at it closely you can only conclude that it is a titanic work and let yourself be overwhelmed by emotion. And behind its apparent simplicity which gives it its strength of abstraction, the canvas called "Immortality" defies static by the luminous intertwinings which inhabit it and which are discovered according to the angle from which one looks at it. A particular mention for this incredible vortex called "The Loving Being": the subject bursts the canvas! Congratulations Kéo Merlier-Haïm!A must see and buy if you can...Christian Cadiot, art lover (Google, review)

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I discovered your work a few years ago and today I have one of your works at home. There is not a day when I do not look at this painting, not a day when it does not speak to me, not a day when looking at it does not allow me to go further in myself, in the present moment and in beauty. . Your works are salutary for the soul. They light the way to the Light. Thanks ! Catherine Montillot (Google, reviews)

Magnificent work full of energy and at the same time soothing. Gave me a lot of emotions, I felt caught up in this universe. A perfect afternoon! Thank you Artist! How can I buy your Saint Chamas book and poster? Christian JUBE (Google, review)

The exhibition that I had the opportunity to see Place Vendôme at the Breguet museum was truly magical. A walk in space time, moreover I remained a good moment in admiration in front of "The equation of time". His new works transport me in a different way, another journey in his attractive universe, we want to dive into it. We can't wait for a new exhibition in Paris if we can't go to the next one in the south. Thank you Kéo for expressing the indescribable. Anne-Laure Boché (Google, reviews)

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